P.Y. Meinen

Independent since always…

Grandson of a wine grower

Passionate about sports cars since his early childhood and living in the Geneva countryside, he made his first laps on old cars recovered from the demolition and transformed in all-terrain vehicles.

As soon as he is holding his circulation permit, he starts slalom races in 1976 in non-licensed category with his Autobianchi A112 Abarth. Still student in civil engineering at the TEC, he borrows and acquires an ALFA ROMEO GTV in 2000, to achieve in 1977 his Swiss license on the Castellet race track.

Ideally located in Geneva, in the heart of Europe, PRC is for more than 33 years available at any time to take care of the logistics of your transfers, and this with a scrupulous concern of discretion and conscientiousness.

Pilot training

The pilot training continues through different categories, NSU TTS Group 2 Super V Horag Formula Renault 5 Cup, Renault Elf Flying School at Magny racetrack to the semi-final of the Elf pilot 1981. The culmination of his period of car races, Pierre Yves will make it on the Formula 3 Lola T672. And it is during both 1981 and 1982, while committed as pilot, manager, conveyor and organiser, and as Swiss participant  to the various races in Switzerland, France and Germany, that he realized that the future was not necessarily in that area.

Thus, having participated to almost 90 races, at the age of 26, he decided to take a new challenge in the luxury car rentals, and opened a small arcade in the neighborhood of the largest hotels in Geneva, with very few resources, no particular knowledge of the field, but a desire of independence and a strong dose of perseverance. He gained nevertheless a reputation for the personalized service and dynamic team that offer a service 7 days a week. He can then decide to quit his profession as site technician and devote himself exclusively to pursue his passion, and this for more than 30 years…