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Private parking and Valet parking

We take great care of your vehicle during your international transfers.

Conveying private vehicle

We deliver your vehicle directly to the airport, to your hotel or anywhere else in Europe.


We offer valet parking during all your stay.

The thrill of the road has its real significance


For over 30 years Prestige Rent a Car S.A. is specialized in luxury car rental and associated services. Our dedicated team takes care of each customer personally, using all its experience of the higher-end market to meet your requirements and ensure your complete satisfaction.

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A passionate team

The thrill of the road has its real significance

We care and know each vehicle in our catalogue.

Please contact us for an appointment and we will provide you with the most suitable car.

Sporty driving, comfort or mixed, we will be able to guide you in choosing the most appropriate rental.

3 agencies in Switzerland


+41 22 731 26 00
+41 22 731 25 30


+41 27 480 46 48
+41 27 480 46 68


+41 44 262 45 79
+41 22 731 25 30